The sauna cabin is forbided from pine wood (Finland),It is doubled walled and in between the walls,glass wool is packed in order to insulate the sauna Room and avoid any heat loss(applicable to double panelling) thick wall and celling panels providing greater insulation arid structural integrity:
Discrete nailing to improve visual appearance integrated ducted air vent to ensure efficient air circumstance.Internal fillings fabricated from pine wood with low heat conductivity to ensure comfort for bathers.Sauna benches fabricated from extra thick with slat hot source heaters with large sauna rack capacity to enhance steam vapours release.It is provided with a wooden,bench,ventilator,glass door and light.

  • wooden bench
  • ventilator
  • Glass doort
  • Sauna generator + Lava Stone with Control panel
  • Sauna lamp
  • Wooden bucket with spoon
  • Sand meter
  • Sauna thermo hygrometer